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American farm Bureau  |  Presentation & Leave Behind  |  Spring 2015

American Farm Bureau is the leading advocacy organization for farmers, ranchers, and rural Americans. Based in Washington DC, it’s a grassroots organization that has served 6 million members for the last 100 years. It’s the only agricultural organization that spans all 50 states and all industries.

Weber Team members
  • Members Involved: Abigail Crock (Graphic Designer), Tyler Masterman (Consultant), and Lauren Erera (Principal) 
  • My Role: I was the designer on this project and was responsible for developing the design framework and building the presentation and leave behind
Project Narrative

When you have a complicated organizational structure, telling your story to potential partners is difficult. American Farm Bureau, the leading advocacy organization for farmers, ranchers, and rural Americans, struggled to tell their story to potential partners, like John Deere and Chevy. They felt that they were giving away their best “product,” legislative advocacy, too easily. They needed to paint a roadmap for prospects to show how they can get there. They worked with the Weber Associates team to create a set of crisp, professional, and customizable materials that aid in telling their story to potential new partners.

We worked with the client to develop a framework graphic that tied together the four program areas of Access, Education, Empowerment, and Advocacy. And helped the client tell the complete Farm Bureau story to prospective partners. We identified four visuals for each program area. We created the initial sketch of the four foundation areas during a brainstorm with the client (see next page). They wanted to depict a modern swine facility for Access, an organic berry farm for Education, a farmer speaking for Empowerment, and the capital building for Advocacy. Based on the sketch, I created a graphic for each area. For Access, a modern swine facility turned into a barn for a farm show and a trunk. An organic berry farm for Education turned into a schoolhouse and a tree image they used for their leadership program. Empowerment and Advocacy remained in line with our original ideas.

I suggested that each program use color to aid in navigation through the presentation. Once I introduced photography into the creative, I toned down the color-coded icons to allow the photography to take center stage. What resulted was a crisp, highly visual presentation that described American Farm Bureau in a few slides and a leave behind that hit heavy on their accomplishments. 

I set on developing the presentation template after we created the foundation graphic. I made two templates options for the presentation. 

Template 1 – Photography: Slides would have different background colors and similar colored photography, depending on where we are in the presentation. For example, Access slides are red, where non-partnership area slides will be tan.

Template 2 – Geometric: Slides would have a geometric triangle pattern background (a motif pulled from AFB’s annual report) and would follow similar color rules as the first option.

Initial Concepts (from left to right): Initial Sketch of Foundation Graphic,
Initial Concept of Foundation Graphic, Template Option 1, and Template Option 2 

Presentation Slides (from left to right): Cover Slide, Agenda Slide, Who We Are Slide, and Foundation Slide

In the initial slides, we wanted to set up who Farm Bureau is by creating a graphic to depict their structure and partnership areas (foundation graphic). We used photos from Farm Bureau’s photography collection instead of stock imagery to keep an authentic feel. Each photo taken by its members is credited at the bottom of each slide.

The next section of the presentation broke down each partnership area. The focus on these slides was to keep an infographic style and hit heavy with the proof points and logos of the groups we mentioned.

Presentation Slides (from left to right): Access Partnership Area Slide, Education Partnership Area Slide, Empowerment Partnership Area Slide, and Advocacy Partnership Area Slide

Presentation Slides (from left to right): Access Partner Success Slide, Education Partner Success Slide, Empowerment Partner Success Slide, and Advocacy Partner Success Slide

After each partnership area slide, there was a slide depicting a partner success story. These stories were structured the same as the partnership area slide to help visually reinforce the process.

The last few slides of the presentation hit on the proof points for each area and aim to show the potential partner what their next steps are.

Presentation Slides (from left to right): 2015 Focus Area Slide, Results Slide, How Can We Help You Slide,
and Next Steps Slide

Leave Behind (from left to right): Front and Back

While the presentation told the full Farm Bureau story, the leave behind focused on three main things: Who We Are, Ways We Can Partner, and What We Have Accomplished Together. The infographic style graphics drew attention to critical points the potential partners needed to remember.

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